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Family Owned, small farm

 The dream of this small little farm started several years ago when we realized what we were eating wasn't making us feel very good.  Now we are passionate about teaching others to take their health in their own hands and eat good healthy food.



We believe in the idea that food is medicine or in this case herbs and flowers are.  We had a small goal to eliminate one thing that was full of chemicals we didn't know how to pronounce.  We started making our own lip balm when we had an abundance of lemon balm.  Once we got that down to a formula we liked, we moved on to skin care items.  We thought maybe others would like to know what the ingredients were in the products they were putting in or on their bodies as well.  Hence, the start of the business.  We are passionate about teaching others about herbs and their many uses.


Farm-fresh, chemical free

Our products are fresh from the field so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality available.  Continue to watch our website as we grow and add new products and events.

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