Frequently asked questions

How was my meat chicken raised?

Our chickens are pasture raised and moved daily to ensure they are on fresh grass and at their healthiest. They are fed grain as well as able to scratch and eat grass and bugs as nature intended.

What breed of chickens are your egg layers?

We have 4 breeds for our egg layers Ameracaunas, Whitings True Green, Rhode Island Red, and Asians. The Ameracaunas lay a medium to large blue and peach egg. Whitings True Green lay a large green egg. The Rhode Island Reds and Asians lay a large brown egg. Depending on who is laying the color of your egg carton will vary.

What breed of quail do you raise?

We raise exclusively coturnix quail at this time.

Are your quail eggs for eating or hatching?

They can be used for either. We have had a 64% hatch rate for this current batch of quail.