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  • Do you grow in the ground or in raised beds?
    We do both on our farm. We created a no til garden where our lavender and yarrow and chamomile grow outside in the ground. However, we do have a high tunnel or greenhouse that has raised beds where we grow most of our other herbs. That was done out of necessity when we first moved to the property the ground was poor quality so utilizing raised beds allowed us to grow faster and control the quality of the soil.
  • Do you practice permaculture or regenerative farming practices?
    We try to as much as possible. That's where our chickens come into practice, we have used them to prepare garden beds for us by overwintering them on the garden bed space. We have grand plans to add more animals so that they can help us improve our land even more.
  • What types of herbs or medicinal flowers do you grow?
    We are constantly adding to this but our staples that we are sure to grow every year are lavender, yarrow, calendula, chamomile, oregano, lemon balm, mint, rosemary, thyme, and several kinds of basil.
  • What is your favorite herb or medicinal flower?
    That answer depends on the day. One thing that we can not live without in our house is the calendula salve so I would have to say calendula is probably our favorite medicinal flower.
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